Mini Series LED Controller Hui Leite 12-year LED controller R & D essence, to abandon the many shortcomings of the infrared remote control, switch to advanced RF remote control, with strong wireless signal penetration, is no longer limited by various obstacles ; 4096 / grayscale (market products are mostly 256), high grayscale performance is better, the dimming softer delicate, dynamic changes more colorful. Innovative technology design: 1 receiver Compatible with 6 different functions of the remote control (patented technology), with a receiver you can experience the dimming, color temperature, RGB control to meet the different needs of customers through the RF Remote control for speed adjustment, brightness adjustment, custom any color, static color selection and a variety of dynamic lighting effects. Mini series with a very high price, innovative design, traders in the sales, contractors in the installation, the customer will experience the use of human design concepts.

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Part Number ZL-M6-M3-3A-KIT
Remote Model M6 (RGB)
Working Frequency 433.92MHz
RF Remote Distance
Max. 30m
Receiver Model M3-3A
Input Voltage 12-24VDC
Max. Current Load 3Ax3CH Max. 9A
Max. Output Power 108W/216W(12V/24V)
Working Temperature -30°C~55°C
Weight .30

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